Bill Mahoney – Desired Glass

Bill Mahoney was born in Sydney in 1952 & moved with Family to the South Coast of NSW in 1984 to establish a glass Studio that would have as its goal to design & handcraft all products sold in the Studio. Design & construction of Leadlight windows was the starting point but soon developed into the stained glass extension upon the purchase of an old second-hand kiln that would propel the work into new and exciting areas such as ecclesiastical work – new & restoration – & the developing skills to add hand painted & kiln fired detail to ‘on the bench’ commissions.

Bill Mahoney

Glass fusing had just surfaced onto the glass art arena with the inspiration from Klaus Moje & the Bullseye glass company in developing a range of compatible glass that, with the use of kilns & other equipment, would be able to extend those current boundaries by being able to fuse together liked glasses to allow multiple colours & design in the one piece of glass. After completing 10 years as a resident glass artist in Mogo (1994), I relocated to my present Studio in Batemans Bay. Away from the walk-in highway traffic & with a new sense of isolation that is demanded by this type of work, the body of work catapulted to new levels to what is achievable today & into the future.

Apart from the commission windows & silvered leadlight/glass fused mirrors ( with only a small representation is shown on this sites gallery ) other work that may be of interest can be viewed on

Thank you for your time as I now invite you to view the body of work shown on Desired Glass.

“Elegance and flair in Glass”

Bill Mahoney.

Training undertaken –

  • Self Taught
  • Lutz Haufschild  Architectural Glass Design      Sydney  1988
  • Patty Robinson    Brush Technique   approx. 1990   Sydney
  • Narcissus Quadliata   Painting with Glass  Perth  2011
  • Klaus Moje & Kirstie Rea  ‘A Line into the Future 2 ‘  Canberra Glassworks  2013
  • Masahiro Asaka   ‘ Harmonising the Joy & Logic in the Cold Shop’ Canberra Glassworks  2013 Professional workshop.