Custom Leadlight & Stained Glass Studio

Bill Mahoney is an establish craftsman who specialises in commissions for stained glass lead light windows & silvered leadlight/glass fused mirrors.

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Leadlight, Glass Fusing, Mirrors & Special Commissioned Services

Leadlight / Stained Glass Windows

Flat Glass - The use of coloured glass &/or hand painted kiln fired detailed work has always had it’s admirers

Glass Fusing

Since the purchase of an old, second-hand kiln in 1986 to complete ecclesiastical repairs I have been learning & developing the kiln-craft required to accomplish what was outside the laws of flat glass.

Lead-light Mirrors

The reflective qualities of my leadlight mirrors clear textured & coloured glasses that I have silvered achieves a stunning image when set into a beautiful timber frame.

Specialised Commissions

Specialised commissions that required a combination of advanced glass techniques such hand painted kiln fired, glass fusing and the use of glass in all its formats.

A Master Glass Craftsman

Design & construction of Leadlight windows was the starting point but soon developed into the stained glass extension upon the purchase of an old second-hand kiln that would propel the work into new and exciting areas such as ecclesiastical work – new & restoration - & the developing skills to add hand painted & kiln fired detail to ‘on the bench’ commissions.

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